It is with great sadness and disappointment that we announce the postponement of this year’s Hajar 100‭ ‬and Kalba Kickr races‭.‬
Our ultimate repsonsibility as race organisers‭, ‬has always been and will remain‭, ‬the health and safety of our participants and our staff‭. ‬Unfortunately due to the increased spread of the Covid-19‭ ‬virus in the UAE and its subsequent new and more easily transmissable and possibly deadlier variants‭, ‬the risks involved in such extreme and physically demanding trail runs are too high for us to safely deliver a race that we feel would adhere to covid safe protocols‭.‬
All aspects of the race have been taken into consideration‭, ‬such as the initial group race check-in‭, ‬group briefing and transport to and from the start/finish lines‭, ‬as well as the inability to reach any serious covid-related emergency cases in a timely manner as well as the possible exposure of the virus to our staff and volunteers‭.‬
Registrations will be pushed to 2022‭ ‬at no extra charge for the same approximate dates‭, ‬unless indivduals want to request a refund‭ (‬a 10%‭ ‬processing fee will be charged‭ if insured and 15% if uninsured registration was taken), ‬in which case you must contact the Help Line at Hopasports immediately within the next week to advise of your intention‭. ‬If no email is received your registration will not be refundable and will be pushed to the 2022‭ ‬event‭.‬
We hope you understand our position and our proactvie response to the growing concerns of the spread of the virus and that we are trying to act responsiby with you in mind‭. ‬Safety for us comes before profit and we feel this is the best decision in these very challenging times‭, ‬all things considered‭.‬
That said‭, ‬we hope that by April‭, ‬things will have improved somewhat‭, ‬positive cases on a rapid decline and events returning to‭ ‬some kind of normal‭. ‬We look forward to welcoming you back to the Urban-Ultra Wadi Racer on April 10th for an amazing run through the trails of Wadi Shawka‭!‬

Challenge yourself on the beautiful ultra-trail UTH50 or UTH100 or the shorter but still challenging H30 trail run through the mountain passes, along jeep tracks, through boulder ravines and over spectacular sand dunes of Ras Al Khaimah. It is a tough challenge and requires training, but generous cut-off times (24hrs for 100k, 12hrs for 50k, 5.5hrs for 30k) allow most physically fit, determined and well-prepared runners to get to the finish.

Please don’t forget … you must bring your own cups/bowl/fork if you want to consume the food and drinks we provide at checkpoints and race finish. You can buy them from the supermarket or bring them from home and leave in your drop bag! We aim to be a ‘No Waste Race’

Check out the 2015 race here

Check out the 2016 race here

START HOTEL Location: TBA. You will be taken by bus to the start and back from the finish to the start hotel. (Buses will be every hour from approx. 3pm for the 50k and 7.30pm for the 100k)

Fruit, water and Aqualyte available approx every 10km. CP5 will be your opportunity to eat a hot meal where we will provide hot water for your own dehydrated food and we will have hot soup on the go. Commencing in 2019, no disposable plates or cutlery will be provided. As part of your mandatory kit you must pack a bowl and spoon in your CP bag(s). (Outside assistance is not permitted outside of the checkpoints, but supporters are welcome to assist you at any checkpoint, in particular CP5).

The course will take you on a multi-terrain adventure and take in approx 3300m of elevation over the 100km distance. Checkpoint 5 will be located at approximately 52km.

Make sure you are part of the only single-stage 30k, 50km and 100km trail run in the UAE!

Race number and race pack collection from AdventureHQ (Date to be advised), Times Square, Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai ONLY. Call +971 4 3466909/ 800 2383 6887. Race packs will NOT be taken to the start line, so please ensure you collect prior to race day. ONLY International or participants living outside of Dubai can request race day pick-up upon registration.

Your race pack contains your shirt, race bib and other goodies (race bib MUST be attached to your FRONT during the race please).

PLEASE DOWNLOAD the documents below for full details and mandatory kit that you MUST have to participate.

The official race start hotel for the bus pick-up and drop-off is TBA