Fancy running for 24 hours straight? For the first time in the UAE and now holding a Bronze Label sanctioned by the International Association of Ultra Runners (IAU) – you get to test how much stamina and speed you have. (Strategy will also play a big part in this unique event!). Within the same event starting at the same time, we are also holding a 6hr (Solo only) and 12hr run (Solo or team of 4) – not quite as daunting as the 24hr event but still a huge challenge.

You will run the short 500 m flat circuit for as long as you can. (45% concrete/55% hard sand). We will have rest stations, food and drinks, support stations so your friends and family can cheer you on or even run with you to keep you going. But remember, the more you rest the fewer laps you run …

We will start at 12 noon and finish 12 noon the following day – who will complete the most kilometres?

Open to individuals and teams of 4 (mixed: 2 male, 2 female) (6hr Solo Only)

TRIVIA: The current world record is held by Greek, Yiannis Kouros who ran 303.506km in 1997. The women’s record holder is held by Mami Kudo of Japan who ran 255.303km in 2011

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