Urban-Ultra Wadi Racer 2018

21st April, 2018

The single stage 10k, 20k or 30k trail running adventure will start and finish at Wadi Showka (25° 5’51.68″ N  56° 1’49.78″ E) on April 21st 2018. Starting at 5.00am – in darkness!

Check-in CLOSES at 4.30am. Briefing at 4.45am. Start gun 5am sharp

Here you will be racing against the sunrise … racing out into the darkness with a headlamp  (not supplied) – terrain is 100% gravel jeep track and rocky wadi bed with short sharp climbs and undulations. The course will be marked with light reflective material for navigation until the sun rises and you should cross the finish in the beautiful first light of the day. (Race cut-off is 5hrs – you must reach 15km CP3 by 07:30am).
There are no hotels nearby, so your options are driving to and from the site for the event or camping once you are finished. (No campsite is allocated but you are free to find yourself a place to pitch your tent, there are plenty of lovely areas).
Water and energy drinks will be provided during the race at the checkpoints but please make sure that your obligatory hydration pack (1.5ltr) is fully filled from your own supplies before the start.
Please be respectful of our surroundings and keep impact to a minimum. Leaving nothing but footprints when we leave.
Please note, that the course road is not closed to traffic, and locals use parts of it to access their villages. Be aware that you may encounter a minimal amount of cars or trucks whilst running. To keep this traffic to a minimum, we would ask that any supporters do so from the START/FINISH point so we minimise any chance of accident or injury and churning up dust for the runners. HAVE FUN!

Race number and race pack collection from AdventureHQ, Times Square, Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai ONLY. Call +971 4 3466909/ 800 2383 6887. Available from 17th April 2018 up to race day. Race packs will NOT be taken to the start line, so please ensure you collect prior to race day. ONLY International or participants living outside of Dubai can request race day pick-up upon registration.

Your race pack contains your shirt, race bib and other goodies (race bib MUST be attached to your FRONT during the race please).

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Urban-Ultra Kalba Hills Cycle Challenge 2018

4th May, 2018

Start at the picturesque lagoons of Kalba, Sharjah and ride through the surrounding Kalba Hills undulating across the peaceful landscape to finally ascend the Kalba tunnel for a spectacular descent back into the east coast – the elite or social route stretches 70km or the challenge distance of 37km with approx 700m (for the full distance) of elevation along smooth tarmac roads.
The Kalba Hills Cycle Challenge will start at Sharjah Kalba Lagoon (N 25° 1’9.64”  E 56°21’26.15”) promptly at 07:00hrs (Waves for each category 70km elite first off) on Friday 4th May 2018. There is ample parking and rest rooms at the start. It is 1hr 34 mins from Dubai (138km).

Riders are asked to reach the finish no later than 10:00hrs for 70k and 08:30hrs for the 37km. (70k riders must reach end of first loop no later than 08:15hrs).

Distances 37k and 70k


CUT-OFF TIME for 37k: 1.5 hours / 70k: 3 hours


Please collect your race bag from Adventure HQ at Times Square on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, during their opening hours (10am-10pm) from Apr 30 – May 3rd 2018.
**  RACE BAGS WILL NOT BE GIVEN ON THE DAY unless you are an international participant or live in another emirate (other than Dubai) in which case please select Race Day collection upon registration.

IMPORTANT NOTE: No UCI licence is required to enter Elite, HOWEVER, please self regulate. If you know that you are not an elite rider and able to keep with that group then enter the social category. There is no benefit, other than being in the way of faster and more experienced riders. Some riders on the Coast to Coast selected a totally inappropriate category that was too fast for them and many riders in the A and B groups were quickly dropped back to G and H and further back, just to start at the front.
The groups on this race will not be so separated, so if you are not elite then do not select elite.
We believe you know if you are elite or not and trust you will choose your category sensibly and accordingly.
The elite category should be used purely for racers, that’s not to say you are not, but just consider if you are an elite racer who races regularly in a race situation, or a keen rider with a competitive spirit. Choose accordingly.

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